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From: Philippe LAGRANGE

Dear Aziz SHAIKH
We send you both a French and English comment for your blog. Most French people have a poor English, and English speaking people seldom know French. It is not a pure translation, some elements are differently mentioned. You can publish both under our names.

“C’est la quatrième fois que nous demandons à Mr Aziz SHAIKH (India Travel Service) de nous organiser un voyage en Inde , en explorant différentes régions . Nous sommes revenus chaque fois ravis

de notre voyage et de son organisation. Récemment, nous somme retournés en Inde du Sud ,en passant par Trichy, Tanjore , Madurai, Kovalam , Cochin, les back waters (avec une halte idyllique à Kumakarom). Le voyage était extrêmement bien conçu (tout comme les fois précédentes). Aziz SHAIKH propose des itinéraires intéressants, tout en étant très attentif aux demandes spécifiques(type d’hôtels, volonté de visiter une réserve d’animaux, cette fois près de Tenkasi( Tamil Nadu)).Le chauffeur était expérimenté, fiable, prêt à aider pour tout besoin particulier( emplettes inhabituelles, etc.).Les guides étaient intéressants et les hôtels bien choisis. Bref, un excellent voyage grâce au professionnalisme de Mr SHAIKH. Nous ne pouvons que chaudement le recommander à ceux qui veulent voyager en Inde, tant pour les prestations que pour les tarifs raisonnables .Il existe sans doute des agences moins chères, mais ITS fournit exactement ce pour quoi l’on paye, sans jamais de mauvaise surprise. Tout est détaillé avant le départ et scrupuleusement respecté.

Les fois précédentes, nous avions visité le Karnataka (Hampi, Badami etc..), le Madya Pradesh avec une fantastique réserve de tigres (Bangdavar), et enfin le Gujarat après l’Orissa, Calcutta et Benarès. Chaque voyage avait été conçu sur mesure en fonction de ce que nous souhaitions voir, toujours avec un heureux choix de chauffeurs , d’hôtels et de guides. Nous retournerons certainement en Inde, en faisant appel à Indian Travel Service, sans aucun doute.

Famille LAGRANGE( quatre personnes)

« We have been traveling in India four times with Indian Travel Service, and we have been each time thoroughly satisfied of the organization of the trip. We had already been in India a few years before, on our own once, with a well known French operator some other time, which proved poorly organized, so that we have points of comparison. With Indian Travel Service, and more particularly with Mr. Aziz SHAIKH, we went on discovering India in a way that made our trip easier , safer , more comfortable and allowed us lots of discoveries.

Recently we went back to South India for two weeks. The hotels were very good (we tend to prefer hotels for Indian tourists and business people to international ones , full of package tours)and we got exactly what we asked for. Mr. SHAIKH has the intelligence to grasp the particular wants of his clients and organize for the best according to them .The driver was experienced, English-speaking, very helpful .The guides were on the whole very interesting, and the itinerary well chosen . We had wanted to concentrate on a shorter itinerary beginning at Trichy, as we had already seen Madras and the temples throughout Tamil Nadu.

In previous years, we have visited with Indian Travel Tours Karnataka, Madhya Pradesh(for which Mr. SHAIKH organized for us a tailor made tour in a not –so- visited part of India..totally worthwhile. The tiger reserve in Bangdavar , in which we have seen many tigers approached on elephants’ back is fabulous among other marvels), and Gujarat,after Orissa, Calcutta , Benarès etc... We will certainly come back to India, and we wholeheartedly recommend India Travel Services, for their professionalism, excellent staff, very good choice of hotels, and decent rates .There might be cheaper agencies, but we got exactly what we payed for, with no bad surprises, which is not so frequent (having spoken with other tourists in India), and we had a detailed trip before departure scrupulously followed.

Family LAGRANGE (four people)

From: "Neil Beckhelling"
To: "'Aziz (India Travel Services)'" <>
Subject: RE: Golden Triangle Tour


Thank you very much for organizing a wonderful tour of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur for us. All the arrangements were flawless: the hotels were good, the guides were good, the places we visited were good, and we would especially like to say that the driver you chose for us was absolutely magnificent.

I would be happy to recommend India Travel Services to anyone visiting India!

Thank you for a wonderful holiday!

Best regards

Neil, Belinda, Nathan, Tasha and Sandi

From: Rupprecht, Thomas
To: ITS - India Tours
Subject: AW: Inquiery for india tour

Dear Mr. Shaikh,

yes, I reached home in a comfortable way, thank you for your requestion.It was a very nice travelling with your company through Rajasthan and we were glad to do this with you. Thank you very much to manage our tour, the guides were very good, the hotels nice, our driver, Mr. Mahendra Singh was an excellent driver and he takes always care of us, though we can enjoy our tour every day. What time i visit India next time I don´t know, but if, only with your company and our driver Mr. Singh.

Many greetings from Germany and best regards
Thomas Rupprecht

From: "Juan estrada"
To: "ITS - India Tours" <>
Subject: Re: Aziz (Passport Copy)

Dear Aziz,

thank you very much for your email.

I´m sorry to write just until now, but from India I went to Thailand for a Meditation couse and just finished today, so couldn´t check my email before. The tour was great!! I´m including Cristina in the email if she want to add something. Everything was very well organised, and It´s a relief to arrive to every city and have someone with your name waiting for you.

Great guides for us were in Aurangabad, Kathmandu, Varanasi, Trichy and Chennai.

The drivers, well, someone you feel secure with, and helpful. We would highlight the driver in Mumbai, Agra to Jaipur and Chennai to Cochin.

The hotels, a clean and secure place. For the prices, we requested to lower the quality of the hotels and we are aware of that, and in the majority of the cases the rooms were ok. Maybe the room in Madurai was not so good but because of the location next to the service elevator, but in general are good. In Mumbai I prefer the Diplomat, for the location, the breakfast and the Internet. The rooms were similar.

The tour in general was very good. India is too big for 23 days but I think we saw a little of everything. Differences between the north and the south, the houseboat was great, we got a pretty good idea of the country and in case we return, what we would like to visit again or know more.

I would like to thank you very much for the service, It was really good travel plan, very well executed, I have no complains.

I for sure will recommend your services for the people interested in traveling to your beautiful country.

Best regards,
Juan Pablo Estrada.......Brazil

From: Hannu Kumpulainen
To: ITS - India Tours
Subject: Re: Golden Triangle Tour

Dear Sir
Hyvaa iltaa from Finland.

Best greetings from Finland and thank you for the nice holiday in India. Our tour was very well organized and it is very positive experience. We enjoyed the first day in Delhi & The change of the canceled train the next day flight was organized very well. Visit the Varanasi was just great. The guide in Agra knew quite a lot of Taj Mahal. In Jaipur we enjoyed everything. The car was comfortable and driver was friendly and we felt safe, also in Varanasi.

Thank you very much. Greetings

Hannu and Raija from Hameenlinna, Finland

From: Claude Lenoir
Subject: Lenoir thanks

Dear Aziz,

Our flight back to France was perfectly on schedule. Today, Nathalie and I transfered our pictures on our PC; what a trip!!

Thank you again for organizing with your team such wonderful vacations. The tour program, the hotel selection, the kindness and efficiency of our driver Agit (great guy!) made it a unique experience. Be sure that, if asked, we shall advise our friends to rely on ITS to visit India.

Kind regards,
Claude Lenoir

From: chriswithamde
Subject: Re: Lenoir thanks

Dear Aziz: first let me say what an extraordinary country India is and that in general my wife and I were very pleased with the services that were provided through your agency. I would concur with M. Claude Lenoir that Singh was a first class driver and certainly someone we would recommend to any of our friends who visit India.

As to the last hotel (Park) it was from our perspective the best hotel. The room, service and the food were outstanding certainly meeting comparable first class hotel standards in the USA.

Chris Witham

From: Sandra Coughlan To: Aziz tours Subject: RE: Golden Triangle Tour enquiry


Many thanks for your follow-up email. We had a lovely time on our trip. The driver in particular (Mr. Ram) was most helpful, cheerful and flexible in his services, which we really appreciated. Our tour guides in Delhi and Jaipur were especially pleasant, informative, and willing to engage with our questions, beyond the standard tour information.

Best regards,

From: <Beate Weiser>
To: <>
Subject: Greetings from Germany

Dear Aziz,

thank you so much for your short message and your best wishes for Holi! I hope, you had great days and a happy celebration. I think, I should stay one time in India during Holi - it must be a wonderful experience...

Well, I feel a little bit bad, because I didn`t give you the recommendation - it`s so busy here, sorry. But I gave it to other people and they already booked a longer trip to India with you at India Tours. So, here some lines you can use on your homepage (but please without my addresses - thanks):

My second trip to India was great again. Everything was organized perfectly and Aziz from India Tours offered all the time an excellent service - thank you very much! Especially before my trip you did an excellent job, because I was very late for all the reservations. Thank you again!

I was very satisfied with all my drivers, the guides and hotels were also okay. I liked a lot the hotel you recommended for Ayurveda in Kerala, the Coconut Bay Beach Resort - wonderful place!

So, I`m sure, I will come a third time to India and I will do again all my reservations via Aziz of India Tours ... see you and: Namaste!

Finally, I attach a picture that shows me in Khajuraho...

Best wishes from Germany

From: Philip Tyndall
To: ITS - India Tours
Subject: Sorry for the delay in answering your emails.

Dear aziz,

first of all i must thank you for your kindness and patience,i must appolagise for my delay in answering your emails. When i arrived home in Italy i had to leave for work my job entails two months at sea with no or very weak internet connections, it's also difficult to call home with my cell phone as it's not a satelite connection if i'm in port i can telephone but usually we are in port only overnight to refuel,hence my late reply i arrived home two hours ago and if your patience extends for another day i would very much like to formerly thank you and your very kind staff for the wonderful holiday you were able to organize for us in your exeptional country,i would also like to personaly like to thank Mr ajit Singh for his wonderful and ironic rajput smile and above all for his impecable proffesionality,if it would be possible to give me his email as i have some photos to send him of our trip together. aziz thanks again,please let me know where i can write a summary officialy thanking you and your company for our holiday.

i look forward to hearing from you soon.

Phil Tyndall.

From: "Régis Cabanel"
To: "ITS - India Tours" <>
Subject: Re: India Trip - Confirmation from Hotels

Dear Aziz

Many thanks again. Everything was perfect and well coordinated. If I had to make a comment I would say that the hotel in Delhi Ramada Plaza was clearly lower level than others (especially poor dinner facility and no shops). All the rest was great and we appreciated a lot our driver and guides.

Best Regards
Regis Cabanel

From: "Michele Balzano"
To: <>
Subject: Hi

Dear Aziz,

We would like to thank you (and all your staff) for your service. We appreciated a lot our driver Suraj (he's the best driver we've ever met) not just for the driving but also for the special guy he is. We appreciated a lot also the hotels you provided. Very nice accommodations for us.

Anyway we're very happy about our tour and we can assure that, if we will decide to come back in India, we will require you (and Suraj) for our new tour. In my opinion India and Indian people like you are one of the best things I've ever known in my life.

Thanks for all your time and your patience.
Have a good day!


From: Irit Baruch
To: ITS - India Tours
Subject: Re: Re:

Dear Sir

Thank you for all your arrangements. I would like to make some comments.

First the driver was excellent. Very professional in his driving, very kind and gave the best service to all of us. He gave us back the 4500 as we couldnt do the River Rafting Tour due to Heavy River Flow.

His assistant was o.k. as well. You reservations to the hotels were satisfactory. Next time when you see a group of 50+ people who ask for guests house from the Lonely Planet let them know the exact condition of those places since we are not familiar with them.

Thank you

I'm gooing to send you my friend from south Africa - Hanna Yarmarkove She is tendind to travel on December.

Irit Baruch

From: Deborah Arnott
To: Aziz (India Travel Services)
Subject: Re: Deborah Arnott - March tour from Mumbai to Delhi

Thanks Aziz,

All went well and we are safely back. We enjoyed the tour & We will let you know more soon.

In the meantime we have lost Mal Singh (our driver)'s address and have a photo for him - could you supply?

Also we have a photo for our guide in Mumbai - think she was Naseema but have forgotten.

Can you help with an address or office contact for her?

Deborah Arnott


From: mar Casals
To: Aziz (India Travel Services)

Dear Aziz,

I would like to tell you how pleased we were with the tour organised for us in Golden Triangle. We enjoyed the tour very much and your choice of attractions and accommodation were also excellent, interesting and exciting. We were more than satisfied.

The very best part ( apart from the wonderful things we saw and did) was our driver Mr. Tara. He was always so careful and drove with great consideration, he made us feel very safe.

The programme you organised was just what we needed we saw so much and enjoyed it all.

We hope contact early with you for another trip to India.

Many thanks again,

Best wishes,

Maria del Mar Casals

From: Ermanno Porporato
To: Aziz (India Travel Services)
Subject: Re: Rajasthan tour

Dear Aziz,

yes, we are reached home safely and we enjoyed very much the tour of India. During the tour we had no particular problem, thanks also to our driver-guide Rajid, that is a critical figure for this type of tour. Also the other persons-guides have been useful, especially the ones of Varanasi and Jaipur. I think that italian tourism towards India has a great potential unexpressed. It can grow quite a lot, even if the tour you have suggested is very good for a type of turist like us; we like tours strong and full of things to see, for other italian persons maybe can be better tours more light, with periods of rest, and maybe saving a few money. I think that we can return to India next years, and some of our friends very probably come next year, we give them your e-mail. Next months probably I will write you for more informations, I am interested to study in depth some features of India and of people.

Now I have nearly ended to create an illustrated relation of the travel, on my internet site, with a lot of photos, that you can consult at this address :

Best regards and goodbye
Ermanno Porporato

From: Noelia Garcia
To: India Tours - Aziz ; Oscar Jaen
Subject: From Spain

Hi Aziz,

First of all we apologize because we haven’t answered before because the return to work has been very hard and we haven’t had a little free time.

We would like to thank you because the travel has been perfect and we have enjoyed all the days in India.

We must say that your country is amazing… the people, the colours, the food… we are sure that one day we’ll come back again.

Second, we must say that the organization was perfect: good hotels, good guides (maybe someone of them have to improve to speak Spanish), good drivers (Nanu we love you!!)….

You have done a great job, and we will talk about you to the people liked go to India. Sure you will receive emails of our friends the next holidays!

PS: Thank you very much for all. Give him a greeting to Nanu, he is a great person and great professional. We have felt very well with him.

Best regards
Noelia, Sergio and Oscar

From: Esther
Subject: Feedback

Dear Aziz,

Thank you for your e-mail. We really enjoyed our India Trip and will be happy to give some feedback below. First of all thank you very much for so quickly helping to amend a 15 days to a 10 days trip!

We were really very happy with Vikram. He had a very safe style to drive, calm and reliable and was so polite, openend the door for me every time we got out and always maintained a very clean car. Also when we were alone on the road his dining ideas were very good and we enjoyed his flexiblity to bring us to town in the evening when our hotel was not close to the centre.

We were happy with the choice of Hotel in Agra - Holiday Inn Udaipur, because of proximity to town Mt Abu (good Hotel, bit hard beds though) Jodhpur (While the Ummed was the best Hotel in terms of luxury it was just too far away from Jodhpur town) Jaisalmer (not satisfactory, no charm, too big, unenthusiastic staff) Delhi, The Park Land opp Nehru Place = very good choice

Basically, while all hotels were ok we would have enjoyed being closer to the city centre/old town etc. to be able to venture out ourselves without being dependent on a driver.

The guide quality was good. We were very impressed by our guide in Jodhpur who really managed to explain us the overall picture and was very knowledgeable about history, culture, customs, nature.

On the other hand the guide in Jaisalmer has potential to improve language skills, knowledge about place. It was a mediocre experience.

Thank you very much for that really good overall tour and we will certainly recommend you to friends and colleagues.

Wishing you and your team all the best.

Best regards,

From: "Mary Orange"
To: "'Aziz (India Travel Services)'" <>
Subject: RE: Re: Golden Triangle tOUR


Aziz Thank you for a fantastic trip. You really took care of us. We had a great time and enjoyed seeing your country. The trip was well planned for us and you certainly delivered everything you had on the itinerary .Adjit our taxi driver was so helpful we think he should have a pay rise!!!!!!He was fun and certainly looked after us. Your country is amazing and I want to bring my husband to see it sometime.

We were very pleased with all the hotels.

Thank you once again for your efficient organisation and great care. I will certainly recommend you to others and will give you a positive write up on the British Holiday Watchdog web page.

Mary Orange

From: <Olivier>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Tour India

Dear Aziz

I am writting to let you know that even five months after our visit to your lovely country we still remember the time we spent in India very lively.

We greatly appreciate your fantastic service, which allowed us to totally enjoy all the beatiful palaces, the wonderful landscape and of course all the friendly people and guides we met during our holiday. We put some photos

in the internet... just in case you would like to have a look at it:

Furthermore, we would once more point out the superb driving skills and outstanding friendliness of our driver Vikram.

By the way, we already made plans to visit your country again. However, we are still on our one-year-trip around the world and therefore we can't say when we will contact you again for a further travel itinerary.

Best regards,
Olivier Torgler and Claudia Brunner

PS: We meet a lot of people all over the world and always mention your travel agency with good reference.

From: Bill Woehr
To: aziz
Subject: recommendation

Dear Aziz,

We thoroughly enjoyed our recent trip to India. The Palace on Wheels is an unforgettable experience. I wanted to thank you for all your hard work to make all the arrangements for our trip. You and the team are professional and competent every step of the way.

You did a good job for us. Please fell free to use us as a reference with any of your future clients.

Warm personal regards,

William A. Woehr
Valencia, Spain

From: "Carine Steenwinckels"
To: "Aziz" <>
Subject: RE: Re: your offer for our trip to India

Dear Mr. Aziz,

Let me first thank you for the wonderful trip we have made in Rajasthan. We had some ideas for you but for the moment it is too busy to write everything down (that's the problem when you are gone for more than 3 weeks at work!).

Please feel free to give my email to everyone who's interested in your organisation. Also I would like to thank the driver and co-driver for the wonderful job they did.

Mail you within a week or so.


Carine Steenwinckels

From: Suzanne Hewitt
Subject: Re: Tamil Nadu tour

Dear Aziz

I would just like to tell you how pleased we were with the tour you organised for us in southern India. Every thing was so well organised and went very smoothly. The hotels were really good and well chosen.

The very best part [apart from the wonderful things we saw and did] was our driver S. Rayappan. He was always so careful and drove with great consideration, he made us feel very safe. He was always on time and looked after us very well indeed.

The programme you organised was just what we needed we saw so much and enjoyed it all; should we want to do a tour of Northern India at any time we will get in touch with you again.

Many thanks again,

Best wishes
Suzanne Hewitt

From: Aileen Hannah
Subject: RE: Next week

We thoroughly enjoyed our holiday – the houseboat was wonderful and although the hotel at Periyar was very basic, we were able to experience some amazing wildlife!

We would very much like to visit India again in the future, and will definitely contact you to discuss our plans.

Kind Regards.
PS: Thank you again for your assistance with the camera!
Aileen Hannah

From: Roger Cook
To: Aziz (India Travel Services)
Subject: Re: Aziz

Hello Aziz,

We had a lovely tour of Rajasthan -your driver Ajit was just wonderful - he speaks excellent English, drives very well & knows the roads & driving conditions so well.

The tour was great & well planned.

Thanks so much for your assistance with the camera & the room upgrade in Udaipur - that hotel has a great position however some of the rooms are poor & the place hasn't been well maintained .

You have already had my comments on the Shiv Vilas in Jaipur .

Please feel free to use us as a reference for other travelers.


Roger Cook

From: Ian Kimpton
To: "Aziz (India Travel Services)" <>
Subject: Re: India Trip

Thankyou for your email, in Australian slang, you "have beaten me to the punch," I meant to have written to you before this to thank you and your staff for all your help and assistance during our India trip.

Clearly the start was most traumatic, but once we had taken the decision for Stewart and I to continue the tour, we could not have been more delighted with every aspect of our trip. Drivers, guides and the beauty and wonder of India and its people, will live with us forever. I would be appreciative if you would pass on to all those involved our sincere thanks for a lifetime of memories.

The reason for my tardiness in sending thanks, is that in spite of all the excellent treatment Carolyn got in India and the fact that she was accompanied back to Australia, with a doctor, in first class, she unfortunately contracted "deep vein thrombosis" on the plane. This has meant that she only got home from hospital last Friday----a very long time in hospital. Further recovery is going to take up to 18 months, so it will be a long process.

This will not deter us from a return trip, because as I indicated Stewart and I had such a great time, I would like Carolyn to enjoy the wonders that India offers.

Once again, let me thank you for you help and assistance through not only the trying times but also the fantastic experiences Stew and I enjoyed.

Stewart, has asked to me to see if you had remembered the possibility of getting high quality cricket bats in bulk quantities. If there is some chance in getting say 3 samples of your friends best quality bats, then I think Stew has probably got the contacts to sell large quantities for him. If there is any chance of sending him samples, with an indicative price to me, for say 2000 bats then please contact me and I will forward details of where to on forward them to in the UK.

Thankyou once more for a great trip.
Best regards,

Ian Kimpton

From: "Pat Gropel"
To: "Aziz" <>
Subject: Re: Thank you

Hello Aziz,

Back from our tour of Rajasthan for two weeks. It all went so quickly.

We would like to thank you for the excellent organisation of our trip. We enjoyed the tour very much and your choice of attractions and accommodation were also excellent, interesting and exciting. We were more than satisfied.

We were also very pleased with our driver Parwat. He was always punctual, very patient and always considerate and happy. He was an excellent driver and very good company. He contributed greatly to making our trip so enjoyable.

We would have no hesitation in recommending you and your organisation to anybody interested in travelling India.

Once again thank you,

Pat and Heinz Gropel

From: "nacho lopez"
To: "India Travel Services"

Dear Aziz,

We all had a great time in India not only because of this beautiful country but also because your agency

made things easier. I've been telling friends and colleagues of the good experience and I´m sure that if any of them decides to visit India they will do it with you.

Thanks and regards,

From: Aubrey and Irene
Subject: Grand Tour

Dear Mr Shaikh,

We have now had the time to sort out and look at our pictures and recall our experiences in India.

With minor exceptions everything worked well and your organisation was good.

In their different ways the guides and drivers did a good job and the itinerary, although at times a little strenuous, was also good.

We returned home with the feeling that in the time we had available, we had seen quite a lot of your incredible country

Just one suggestion:

Sometimes our car had no seatbelts for the rear passengers and at others there were belts but we were prevented from fastening them by the seat covers. Considering the driving conditions on Indian roads it would be good if the backseat passengers had seatbelts which they could fasten.

With best wishes and again our thanks for an interesting tour,

Aubrey and Irene Thornewill-Traumann

From: Audrey Owens
To: 'Aziz (India Travel Services)'
Subject: Thank-you

Hi Aziz,

Just to thank-you and your team for a wonderful holiday experience. We had a fantastic time and were very impressed with the level of service and attention to detail from your company.

It was all very much appreciated.

Kind Regards

Audrey Owens

From: Frances Demoulin
Subject: another possible Demoulin booking

Hello Aziz, you may recall you very kindly organised a tour last November from Delhi of Golden Triangle, we are planning on visiting Chennai in February 2009 for 4 days but want to base ourselves in Chennai for this time and would like to get a any recommendations we would be pleased to hear them.

We were very pleased with your services and driver (he did drive a bit fast though!) last year.

Kind regards
Frances Demoulin

From: "Francesco Scalabri"
To: "Aziz (India Travel Services)" <>
Subject: Re: Re: Re: India tour

Mr. Aziz,

Our tour in India has been very good and we enjoyed it a lot. We thank you for your assistance and your services.

We will recommend your travel agency to all our friends planning to visit India.

Thanks again
Francesco Scalabri

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