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Daman & Diu Tourism

Daman & Diu Tour

Situated on the west coast of India and flanked by the State of Maharashtra, Gujarat and the Arabian Sea, Daman and Diu is the most sought after tourist destination blessed with sun, sand and sea making it the most happening tourist spot. Tourist on their travel to Daman and Diu are thrilled to experience sun kissed beaches, thick palm-grooves and historical monuments. Tourists are enthralled by the serene and peaceful atmosphere of the Daman and Diu. Visitors loving to explore this picturesque land can rely on Tour India for their tour to Daman and Diu and experience a wonderful holiday trip to this exciting land.

Travel to Daman

We take you on the tour of Daman, which is a tiny little area blessed with the very best of natural resources and beauty that God can provide. Daman is proud to have rich and varied historical heritage covering more than 2 millenniums. It is blessed with an affable climate making it ideal for tourists for visiting any time of the year, without any climatic restrictions. Tourists in their Daman Travel are replete with tranquil seashores and Casuarinas windbreaks making it a tourist heaven. Serene Beaches, religious places, stretches of lazy palms and ancient monuments of Daman are sure to invigorate the tourists in their travel to Daman. Many history students and enthusiast are also attracted to this territory due to its palpable Portuguese influence. Apart from the natural and scenic beauty, tourists can also come across multitude of shopping attractions right from leather products, bamboo mats, baskets, hand made articles to various brands of Indian and foreign liquors that can turn every tourist to shopaholic. All these exciting features of Daman is heavily contributing in the success of Daman tourism Industry.

Altitude : 12 meters, Climate : (deg C)- Summer- Max 36, Min 20; Winter- Max 26, Min 20, Best Season : October to May.

Places Of Interest:-
Fort, Moti Daman,Fort, Nani Daman; Light House (in Moti Daman Fort), Bom Jesus Church and Our Lady of Rosary Chapel (inside fort, Moti Daman fort) Our lady of Sea Church (inside Nani Daman fort), Hilsa Aquarium, Kachigam Water Tank, Nani Daman; Hathi Park, Moti Daman; Bridge Side Garden, Nani/Moti Daman; Municipal Children Park, Nani Daman.

Devika Beach- 4 km, Near Devka Colony, Nani Daman, Jampore Beach-6 km, Near Jampore Village, Moti Daman.

Reach :-
By Air: Nearest airport is Bombay– 193 kms.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Vapi– 12kms.
By Road: Bombay- 93 kms, Ahmedabad- 67 kms, Diu- 763 kms, Panaji via Bombay- 87 kms.

Diu Tourism

Diu tourism is known for its alluring beaches and brands of liquors making this island as a tourist's haven for escaping the dissonance of mundane life. Tourism in Diu boast of rich historic past and the anglers faint songs, making it a paradise for the tourists who are in search of peace and tranquility. A perfect ambience of experience and nostalgia is created with the ancient forts and churches and pubs of today. The best time to tour Daman and Diu is between October and May.

Area: 38.5, Altitude : 29 meters, Climate : (deg C)- Summer- Min 20, Max 38; Winter- Min 20, Max 25, Rainfall: 70cms, Best Season : October to May.

Places Of Interest:
Diu Fort, Forte do Mar, Gupta Prayag at Delwada , Gangeshwar Temple , Nagao Beach , Shaking Tower at Delwada.

Girnar Hill, Junagadh-185 kms, Palitana-195 kms, Somnath Temple- 72 kms, Sasangir-128 kms, Tulsi Shyam- 45 kms, , Chorwad- 97 kms, Ahmedpur Mandvi-130 kms.

Reach -
By Air: Well connected to Bombay and Ahmedabad.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Delwada-9 kms.
By Road: Una- 30 kms, Ahmedabad- 495 kms, Bhavnagar- 225 kms, Bombay- 930 kms, Daman- 763 kms, Sasangir-128 kms, Rajkot- 261 kms, Somnath- 87 kms, Veraval- 77 kms.

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