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India Tourism

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India Tourism- Welcome to the Heaven

India tourism comprises of much more than words can ever describe. The rich culture, colourful fairs and festivals and the diversified traditions make this country extraordinary. India tourism will definitely make your holidays memorable. To know more about this amazing land you need to read on.

India Tourism -Goa The Land Of Beaches

Goa is one of the hot spots of the India tourism. This is a land of clear blue sea water, foaming white wave, and carnivals. The main places of Goa tourism are Born Jesus Cathedral, Fort Aguada and the Wax Museum on the history, culture and heritage of India. It is jam packed with tourists from round the globe all round the year. Let's move on to Kerala and its back waters.

India Tourism -Kerala Its Backwaters

Kerala is also one of the major tourist attracting spots of India tourism. This is a land of the calm back waters, the lush green forests and the amazing crystal clear waters of the sea. Each year most of the tourists come to this place under the medical tourism scheme. Yoga and Ayurveda of Kerala is globally famous. Kerala faces heavy rush of the tourists in the peak sessions of the summers and winters. To know more about this place and other tourist places of India you will have to plan a trip to this land of wonders. Let us know the best online travel agents of India.

Jammu and Kashmir- its Specialties

Jammu and Kashmir is an important part of the India tourism. Though a disputed state between India and Pakistan large numbers of visitors come to this place each year. The lush green pine and deodar forests, the clear blue lake waters, the houseboats and Shikaras, the beautiful small boats, filled with the colourful flowers of the valley navigating silently and smoothly. There is no match of the integral beauty of the land. Now you should know which places to visit exactly.

Srinagar- the Summer Capital of Jammu and Kashmir

This alluring place lies in the bed of the mighty Himalayas. This beautiful and calm city lies by the side of the Jhelum River. This city attracts large number of foreigners through its eye catchy lakes and houseboats. The traditional Kashmiri handicrafts and dry fruits are also globally famous. Let's know about Ladakh.

Ladakh- the Trans Himalayan sector

The Ladakh is a mountainous region lying in the bed of Jammu and Kashmir. It lies snugly in the Trans area of Himalaya. The landscape is simply amazing. The cool breeze blowing in the summer region, the snow covered mountain tops in the month of winter and the site of the Buddhist monks walking round the place makes very attractive and peaceful site. The tinkling of the door bells of the Buddhist temples by the cool breeze will add to the charm of the place. This place is simply amazing and is a must itinerary of your India tourism. To prepare your trip you must take the quality services of the various travel agencies.

Online Booking for India Tourism

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