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Bihar Tourism

Bihar, previously known as Magadha, holds a special place in the Vedas, Puranas and Epics and considered as one of the main pilgrimage centers of Jains and Buddhist. It is one of those states that have witnessed the rise and fall of India's dynasties like the Guptas, the Mauryas and the Palas. Slowly and steadily, Bihar tourism has been gaining popularity as now it is emerging as an important centre of culture, tradition and education. People travel to Bihar as the state is home to a number of well-known destinations of India. So, get in touch with the variegated wealth of ancient civilization by planning a tour to Bihar.

We at Tour India boast of offering countless Bihar tour packages and unmatched services ranging from accommodation to making online booking of train or plane tickets. Travel to Bihar or Patna by utilizing our cost-effective tour packages and uncover some of the major tourists destinations like:


In India- Patna, once recognized with the name of Patliputra, is the capital of Bihar and a major educational centre as city is dotted with innumerable medical, engineering and management colleges. Apart from this, people travel to Patna to enjoy sites like Gol Ghar, Patna Museum, Jalan Museum, Agam Kanan, etc.

Altitude: 53 metres. Temperature (degree C): Summer- Max. 43, Min. 21. Winter - Max. 20, Min. 6. Rainfall: 120 cms. Clothing: Summer- Cottons, Winter- Heavy Woolens. Best Season: October to March.

Places Of Interest:
Kumrahar, Golghar, Har Mandir Takht, Martyrs’ memorial, Pathar ki Masjid, Sher Shah Suri Masjid, Khuda Baksh Oriental Library, Patna museum, Jalan museum, Sadaqat Ashram, Maner, Padri ki Haveli, Biological Park, Patna Yoga Vidyalaya, Quila House (Museum), Laxmi Narayan Temple, Pathar-Ki-Masjid, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Rajendra Museum, Gandhi Museum.

Maner- 29 kms, Sasaram- 148 kms, Sonepur- 25 kms, Vaishali- 56 kms, Nalanda- 90 kms, Rajgir- 102 kms, Gaya- 174 kms, Bodhgaya- 179 kms.

Reach -
By Air: Connected with Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Lucknow, Ranchi.
By Rail: Connected to Bombay, Calcutta, Guwahati, Ranchi, Varanasi.
By Road: Nalanda- 90 kms, Rajgir- 102 kms, Pawapuri- 90 kms, Gaya- 172 kms, Bodhgaya- 179 kms, Raxaul- 210 kms, Ranchi- 335 kms, Muzzafarpur- 72 kms, Sasaram- 152 kms, Vaishali- 56 kms, Calcutta- 653 kms, Delhi- 997 kms.


Vaishali, the birthplace of Lord Mahavira- the greatest profounder of Jainism, is a sacred place not only for Jains, but also for Buddhists as Lord Buddha preached his last sermon at this sacred land. Do not forget to take a close view of Ashoka Pillar while making vaishali tours as this pillar is made from a single piece of red sandstone with a lion carved at its top.

Altitude: 52 metres. Temperature: (Max./Min.) Summer 44 Deg C/21 Deg C. Winter 23 Deg C/6 Deg C. Rainfall: 120 cms. Best Season: October to March.

Places Of Interest:
Ashoka Pillar at Kolhua, Buddha Stupa I, Buddha Stupa II, Raja Vishal Ka Ghar, Coronation Tank, Museum, Bawan Pokhar Temple and Harikatora Temple, Miranji Ka Durgah, Kundupur.

The Jain Prakrit Institute offers a place of study for researchers interested in Jainology an Prakrit, one of the spoken languages of Northern India in ancient times.

Reach -
By Air: Nearest airport is Patna, connected to Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Ranchi and Lucknow.
By Rail: Nearest railhead is Hajipur.
By Road: Patna- 55 kms, Muzaffarpur- 36 kms and Hajipur- 35 kms.

Baidyanath Dham (Deoghar)

Baidyanath Dham situated in the Santhal Parganas of Bihar, is a very important pilgrim Centre. It's famous for the Hindus for the temple of Shiva-Baidyanath and the place is a popular holiday Centre.

Temperature (deg C): Summer- Max 36.9, Min 23. Winter - Max 27.7, Min 7.4. Best Season: October to February.

Places Of Interest & Excursions:
Baidyanath Temple, Nandan Pahar, Naulakha Mandir, Satsang Ashram, Tapovan, Basakinath Temple, Harila Joria, Trikut, Bihar State Handloom Emporium, Santhal Parganas Gramodyog Samittee, Santhal Parganas Khadi Gramodyog Bhavan, Balanand Ashram Yogashala, Karnibagh.

Reach -
By Air: Nearest Railway Station is Baidyanath Dham (Deoghar) which is a terminal station of a 7 kms branch line originating from Jasidih Jn.
By Rail: Calcutta- 373 kms, Giridih- 112 kms, Patna- 281 kms, Dumka- 67 kms, Madhupur- 57 kms, Shimultala- 53 kms.


Bihar has some of the most sacred Buddhist and Hindu shrines. Gaya is one of the most important pilgrimage places for the Hindus. It is believed that a Hindu will reach heaven if his last rites are offered under the celebrated ’Akshayabat’ or immortal banyan tree, standing in the yard of Vishnupad temple. Believed to be built on the footsteps of Vishnu, the grand temple was renovated by Ahalyabai, queen of Indore.

Excursions: Brahma, Deo, Barabar caves, Pawapuri, Parasnath hill, Call of the hills, Ranchi, Hazaribagh, Netarhat, Palamau, Jamshedpur, Damodar Valley, Dhanbad, Bhagalpur, Monghyr.

Reach - Gaya is an important railway junction.


Myriad tourists prefer travelling to Gaya in order to get a view of "Bodhi Tree", a pipal tree, where Lord Buddha meditated and attained enlightenment. People of Hindu religion also travel to Gaya as Gaya is an important Hindu pilgrimage centre where Jain Gurus pray for their salvation.

Altitude: 113 metres. Climate (deg c): Summer- Max.47, Min.28. Winter- Max.28, Min.4. Rainfall: 186 cms ( Mid. June to Mid. September ). Best Season: October to March.

Places Of Interest:
Mahabodhi Temple, Animeshlocan Chaiyata, Mohanta's Monastery, Ratnagar, Archaeological Museum, Tibetan Monastery, Thai Temple & Monastery, International Buddhist House & Japanese Temple, Buddhist Monastery of Bhutan, The Burmese Temple, The Chinese Temple & Monastery.

Dungeshwari- 12 kms, Muchalinda Lake- 3 kms, Gaya- 12 kms, Majadha University- 3.2 kms.

Reach -
By Air: Nearest airport is Gaya- 12 kms. Patna is connected to Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Ranchi & Lucknow.
By Rail: The nearest railhead is Gaya- 12 kms.
By Road: Gaya- 12 kms, Nalanda- 62 kms, Rajgir- 46 kms, Patna- 152 kms, Varanasi- 215 kms, Calcutta- 482 kms.


Very ancient and famous Nalanda University, situated close to Bihar in India, was a flourishing university with over 10000 scholars and an extensity library as its prominent feature. The university is visited by every visitor in order to get a glance of the ruins of University which is still present over there.

Apart from various pilgrimage destinations, tours to Bihar have many other attractions to offer for common tourists such as:

  • State Museum
  • Martyr's Memorial
  • Pawapuri
  • Rajgir
  • Sher Shah's Mausoleum

Therefore, contact us at our desired numbers and make bookings for spending your holidays at this Indian land of Bihar. With our Bihar tour packages, we assure you to offer personalized solutions at the reasonable price.

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