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Orissa & Chattisgarh Cultural & Tribal Tour

Orissa & Chattisgarh Cultural & Tribal Tour

Delhi – Bhubaneshwar – Dhenkanal - Ratnagiri – Udyagiri – Lalitgiri - Bhitarkanika – Bhubaneshwar - Konark – Puri - Gopalpur on Sea – Taptapani - Rayagada – Bisamkatak – Chatikona – Ankadeli – Kundli – Semiliguda – Jagdalpura – Kanker – Kawardha – Raipur - Delhi

Day 01: Saturday: Delhi – Bhubaneshwar (By air at 1630 hrs / arr 1825 hrs)

Transfer to airport to board the flight for Bhubaneshwar at 1630 hrs, assistance on arrival in Bhubaneshwar at 1825 hrs, transfer to hotel. Relax & overnight in Bhubaneshwar.

Day 02: Sunday: Bhubaneshwar

BhubaneshwarAfter breakfast take a sightseeing tour of Bhubaneshwar visiting Lingaraj temple, 46 meter high marks the culmination of temple tradition of Bhubaneshwar, afterwards Parsurameswar temple, Mukteswar temple and the Rajarani temples all bearing testimony to the magnificence of Orissan architecture expression followed by visit to state museum, housing finest collection of paintings and leaf etchings. Later visit bustling colorful markets shopping for some exquisite Orissan handicrafts. Overnight in Bhubaneshwar. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 03: Monday: Bhubaneshwar – Dhenkanal)

After breakfast checkout & drive to Dhenkanal, on arrival transfer to hotel. Dhenkanal is famous for the loftiest peak of Kapilash range which enshrines the temple of Lord Shiva Chandrasekhar at height of about 457 meters. The place is identified with ‘Kailash’, the legendary abode of Lord Shiva. A flight of 1,351 steps and also a ghat road lead to the temple. Thousands of devout souls throng to Kapilash on the occasion of ‘Mahasivaratri’, the night consecrated to Lord Shiva in the month of February-March. To the east of the main temple at a higher altitude stands the temple of Narayan and Viswanath. The Hills of Kapilash has several caves as well as the ruins of a mediaeval fort which are regularly visited by pilgrims. Some of the caves are associated with the Pauranic episodes that have great appeal to the visitors. Evening free to relax & overnight in Dhenkanal. (Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Day 04: Tuesday: Dhenkanal – Ratnagiri – Udyagiri – Lalitgiri - Bhitarkanika National park (158 kms – 4 hrs)

orissaAfter breakfast checkout & drive to Bhitarkanika, enroute visiting visit Ratnagiri -has a rich concentration of Buddhist antiquities. Al large scale excavation has unearthed Buddhist Shrines, large Monasteries, a big Stupa and a number of votive stupas. Lalitgiri on of the oldest Buddhist complexes dating back to 1st Century AD. The huge brick monastery. The remains of a chaitya hall, a number of votive stupas and a renovated stone stupa at the top of a rugged sandstone hillock dominate the greenery around. Like Ratnagiri, both Udayagiri and lalitgiri are also enriched with typical engraved buddhist monuments and ancient sculptures. A number of antiquities including stone cultural peices , monolithic votive stupas, terracotta seals and sealings , bronze objects , coins, glass bangle items are also defines the gone era of Buddhist monastery fo these two sites. Remains monuments from these two sites has much similarity with Ratnagiri monuments . These two Buddhist monastery are believe to be bulilt in the year between 5th century AD to 13th century AD. Engraved Stupas and huge sculptures of here are also identical designs with Ratnagiri site. Later proceed to Bhitarkanika, on arrival transfer to Jungle Resort. Evening free to relax, overnight in Bhitarkanika. (Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Day 05: Wednesday: Bhitarkanika

Early morning Jungle Safari to see the wild life of National Park famous for housing crocodiles, giant lizards, deers & many bird life. After the safari visit villages around Bhitarkanika & also visit the unique beach at Chandipur where the sea vanishes twice a day. Evening enjoy Jungle Safari again, overnight in Bhitarkanika. (Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Day 06: Thursday: Bhitarkanika – Bhubhaneshwar (160 kms – 4 hrs)

After breakfast checkout & drive to Bhubaneshwar. Evening free to relax, overnight in Bhubaneshwar. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 07: Friday: Bhubaneshwar – Konark – Puri

Bhubaneshwar – Konark – PuriAfter breakfast checkout & drive to Puri, enroute visiting Konark - Renown for Sun Temple probably remains as the last remnant of the glorious temples of Orissa an extant example of the architectural excellence of the times. Built in the 13th Century, here a colossal image of the chariot of the Sun, drawn by seven horses and 24 wheels symbolizes the divisions of time. It also houses a Natamandira or dancing hall. Only two subsidiary temples out of the 22 exist today. The Vaishnadevi Mayadevi Temple stands to the West. The Sun temple of Narasimhadeva is a depiction in stone of the life of those times - royal, social, religious and military. Later drive to Puri, on arrival transfer to beach resort, overnight in Puri. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 08: Saturday: Puri

Morning visit to the most awaited Lord Jagannath Temple, 12th Century temple is known for its annual Rath Yatra or Car Festival. Afternoon visit to Ramchandi about 15 kms along the beach, on the bank of the river Kushabhadra. Goddess Ramchandi, the presiding deity of the Konark region is worshiped here with reverence. Visit Sun Temple Konark, dedicated to Lord Surya, the Sun god. Enroute visit to stone carving artisan village at Chaitana. Overnight stay at hotel. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 09: Sunday: Puri – Chilka Lake - Gopalpur (172 kms – 4 hrs)

After breakfast checkout & drive to Gopalpur on Sea, enroute visiting Chilika lake at Barkul ( the largest brackish water lake of Asia).At Chilika take the boat cruise to visit the Birds island (it is heaven for the resident & migratory birds) & Nalabana island (it is a forest of reeds & famous for long range migratory birds in winter). Later drive on arrival transfer to beach resort. Gopalpur-on-sea is a popular beautiful sandy beach. Clusters of coconut and palm trees, white sand dunes overgrown with casuarinas plantation separate the beach from the blue waters of the sea. During the days of Kalingas it was known as the port of Paloura from which traders sailed as far as Java, Bali and Sumatra and piled up wealth dealing in silk and pearl. Later it was a transit point to export sugar and cheap labourers for the tea gardens of Assam in north eastern India. Evening visit the Light House to see the panoramic view of the Shoreline. Relax & overnight in Gopalpur. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 10: Monday: Gopalpur – Taptapani - Saura Tribal Villages - Rayagada (215 kms – 4 to 5 hrs)

After breakfast checkout & drive to Rayagada enroute visiting Taptapani Hot Water Springs which also has medicinal values, Later drive to Rayagada enroute visiting the Saura Trible Villages, on arrival at Rayagada check in to the hotel. Rest of the day free to relax, overnight in Rayagada. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 11: Tuesday: Rayagada – Dukum – Bisamkata - Rayagada

After breakfast take an excursion tour to Dukum near Bisamkata to visit the weekly market of Desia Kond which is held only on Tuesdays. Later visit Dokra Crafts villages at Jhigidi & drive back to Rayagada, relax & overnight in Rayagada. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 12: Wednesday: Rayagada - Chatikiona - Semiliguda (205 Kms - 5hrs)

After breakfast visit the most primitive Dongria kondh villages in the Niyamgiri hills. You can also see and enjoy the Dongria kondhs men and women comming down from their mountains with different kinds of fruits and animals etc. to the weekly market on Wednesday. After visiting their villages , you can come down to see their interesting weekly tribal market where they mix with other community. The weekly market at Chatikona where Doms, Desias and Dongoriya Kondhas barter is an interesting event to watch. Later drive on to Semiliguda, enroute visiting Kani tribal villages, arrive & transfer to hotel. Evening free to relax, overnight in Semiliguda. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 13: Thursday: Semiliguda - Ankadeli - Semiliguda (160kms - 3 Hrs)

orissaAfter breakfast visit Ankadeli the home of the approximately 6000 members of the fierce Bondas. They live in the remote hills and keep themselves isolated. They grow rice by shifting cultivation and keep domesticated cows and goats. They can only be seen when they come to trade at the local market, and we must time our visit to coincide with the weekly market day on Thursday. The Bonda women are noticeable by their bead necklaces, striking brass and silver neck lets and their shaved heads decorated with plaits of Palmyra leaves. You will also see the colourful Godabas, parajas and mali tribes. Afternoon drive back to Semiliguda, relax & overnight in Semiliguda. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 14: Friday: Semiliguda - Kunduli - Nandapur – Semiliguda (65 kms – 2 hrs one way)

After breakfast proceed to witness the biggest tribal weekly market of Sanaparoja & Mali tribes in Kunduli 65 km away via Sunabeda. It is a very colorful market commences only on Friday. Later drive down to Nandapur to visit village of Sanaparoja tribes. Visit village khilua. Saana Padar, Bada Padar with small trekking and later drive back to Semiliguda, evening free to relax, overnight in Semiliguda. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 15: Saturday: Semiliguda – Jagdalpur (100 kms – 3 hrs)

After breakfast checkout & drive to Jagdalpur enroute sightseeing of Kotapada villages known for weaving, on arrival transfer to hotel. Evening free to relax, overnight in Jagdalpura. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 16: Sunday: Jagdalpur – Kanger – Chitrakoot - Jagdalpur

orissa-chitrakoot-fallsMorning visit to Kanger Valley National Park. Then drive to Mardoom to see the tribal market of Maria & Muria tribes. Then drive to Chitrakoot Water Falls (known as Niagra of Chhatisgarh). Drive back to Jagdalpur. Overnight at Jagdalpur. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 17: Monday: Jagdalpur – Kanker (190 kms – 4 to 5 hrs)

After breakfast checkout & drive to Kanker enroute visiting Kondagaon (Rot iron craft centre). Then visit to Narayanpur market, then proceed to Kanker and check in to the hotel. Overnight at Kanker. (Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

DAY 18: Tuesday: Kanker – Sirpur – Kawardha (240 kms – 5 to 6 hrs)

orissaAfter breakfast checkout & drive to Kawardha, enroute visiting Sirpur to see the famous Surang Tila Temple & Anand Vihara a Buddhist Site. Later drive to Kawardha enroute visiting Rajim, the meeting point of three rivers Mahanadi, Pairi and Sondhul is treated as a place of pilgrimage, over here visit the temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Later proceed to Kawardha enroute visiging Champaran which is the birthplace of Saint Vallabhacharya, reformer and founder of the Vallabha sect. A beautiful temple built in honor of this great saint enhances the religious sanctity. Later proceed to Kawardha, on arrival transfer to hotel. Evening free to relax, overnight in Kawardha. (Meals: Breakfast, lunch & dinner)

Day 19: Wednesday: Kawardha – Raipur (120 kms – 3 hrs)

After breakfast checkout & visit the Villages of Gond Tribe& visit of one of the Weekly market to watch the trading of Tribal with the public from local areas. The Name derivers from Telugu word Konda, means Hill. This is a Nomadic Tribe. This is one group who believes in Hindu Religion & they have different sub divisions in the group. They have the Ghotul System where the men & women live separately in this Dormitory called Ghotul. Once the marriage is decided, they go out of Ghotul & start their life in the village with other Elder members. This society accepts, Remarriage, Widow marriage & divorce. In this society like other Tribal Groups, they pay a heavy price for the Bride as a respect to women power in the family. Later drive to Raipur, on arrival transfer to hotel, relax & overnight in Raipur. (Meals: Breakfast)

Day 20: Thursday: Raipur – Delhi (By air at 0940 hrs / arr at 1145 hrs)

After breakfast transfer to airport to board the flight for Delhi at 0940 hrs, tour concludes on arrival in Delhi at 1145 hrs. (Meals: Breakfast)

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